Installing your waifu for Android

IMPORTANT: Some devices can not load a lot of images and audios, so do not put too many images in folders of your waifu. 

Click here to see the files supported for Android.

The version for Android is in BETA stage, so some functions may not work properly.

 - Download the Waifu Dream.

 - Install the file on your device.

 - Click the Settings button

 - Click browser to select the folder of your waifu.

 - Unzip your waifu you downloaded to the SD card.
Go to the folder you unzipped your waifu.

*You can place multiple waifus

Click em "select"

6º - Go back to the main menu and click on play.
Select your waifu.

7º - Wait the files are loaded.

8º - Ready!

*You can rotate your device.

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